Why Choose Drainjets?

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We have created a way for you to drastically reduce your drains from clogging by 75-95%. Our patented DrainJet system allows us to automatically shoot pressurized water down lines. This appliance is a one of a kind solution to your problem, and will allow you to save time and money.  Our system can be installed nationwide, and our operators are standing by to help you. 


Pure Power

In this video, you can see the raw force that our Drainjet system produces. This particular system was installed in a Rite Aid and has been extremely effective at reducing the amount of calls to plumbers, and saved them thousands of dollars in repair costs. 

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Often times, your clogs are draining because of something that someone flushed or put down the drain. It can be extremely detrimental to your business if your clients are affected by clogging. You can take care of this problem by having your plumber on speed dial with a credit card in hand, or you can fix it all together with DrainJet. 


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