The World's First Automated Drain-Jetting System

What is Drainjets?

Drainjets is an automatic drain flushing system that is placed in your business to rid your main line of clog causing debris and bellied lines. Here are some of the key points about Drainjets.

  • Drainjets systematically jets potential clog starters down the line using water pressure
  • Keep the pipes clean on a daily or hourly basis 24/7/365
  •  Nationwide installations available
  • The first of its kind that is proven and used by hundreds of businesses in the nation
  • A no touch system to get rid of your constant clogging issues
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Video features Rite-Aid Daily Flush System installed 2018

Applications For All Businesses







Drainjet System’s versatility allows for:

-Large Big Box Stores and Office Complexes
-Restaurant’s Specialized needs:
  • Main Sewer Lines
  • Grease Lines
  • Soda Drains and Prep Sinks

-Medical Facilities

-Schools and Universities

In addition to these many different types of organizations and businesses, Drainjets can be installed in any location where waste lines are used. The value that is created when owning this appliance is seen through less clogs, and increased revenue for the brand or entity.

See What Drainjets Can Do For Your Business

“We have a coffee shop chain downtown that gets clogs all the time. We decided to test it in three locations and saw great results. Would highly recommend this for anyone who always has their plumber on speed dial.”
-Adam L.
(Seattle, Wa)