The World's First Automated Drain-Jetting System


Jennifer W.

“When Ray described to us that Drainjets would help our store get rid of our clogging problem, I didn’t believe him. 4 years later, and we haven’t even had one!!! Having it installed is one of the best decisions we have made! Thanks again, Ray!”

Cora W.

“Drainjet helped us very much . We had to flush our drains weekly by hand at the restaurant and are so blessed to have Drainjets installed. We will have this installed in out other location as well. Thank you Drainjets!”

Adam L.

“We have a coffee shop chain downtown that gets clogs all the time. We decided to test it in three locations and saw great results. Would highly recommend this for anyone who always has their plumber on speed dial.”

Alicia C.

“The one reason that we got the Drainjet pro system installed is because of the constant food that gets stuck in our drains. Mr. Salzer gave us relief when we needed it and we will definitely be using his services in the future.”

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