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What is Drainjets?

Salzer Products LLC are the developers and providers of the ONLY “Permanently Installed, Automated DrainJet System”.  Our Patented appliance automatically flushes the drain lines with 3-4 gallons per second of water, at intervals and duration’s controlled by our computerized interface.

The Drainjet flushes the lines of potential clog causing debris, thus reducing clogs by 75% – 99% and pushing debris through “bellies and flat lines” out to the street’s main line.  DrainJet Systems can also jet and flush sinks, floor sinks, trench drains, etc…

Since DrainJet Systems began installations in 2014, clients have seen proven results that have saved them over $100,000 dollars in maintenance and plumbing fees.  Prior to the installations, some of the clients suffered  2 – 6 clogged lines per month, and now as a result rarely if ever experience clogging or problems with bellied lines.

Drainjet Products

DrainJet Pro

The DrainJet System is a permanently installed, computer controlled, pressurized drainjetting system designed for larger footprint and standalone  locations with longer distances to the main sewer lines. The system sends a 125psi blast of water at 4 gallons a second down the drain line, causing a super fast moving tsunami of water that picks up debris and potential clog starters and sends them out to the city sewer line.

DrainJet Mini

DrainJet Mini is an under-counter drain-jetting system that is for secondary drain lines from sinks, beverage machine drains and floor sinks.  The system blasts a 75psi blast of water down the line and through the p-traps to clear the lines of accumulated coffee grounds, cream, food-prep debris and beverage line sludge.  The system is permanently installed and computerized .  As a  “Set it and forget it” system, no interaction is required by the employees.   A purge button can be added to purge a line that may have debris accidentally sent down the drain.

DrainJet ECO-75

DrainJet ECO-75 is a pressurized drain-jetting system designed for small footprint locations, with shorter distances to the main sewer lines.    The permanently installed computerized system sends a 75psi blast of water at 2 gallons a second down the drain line, causing a fast moving tsunami of water that picks up debris and potential clog starters and sends them out to the main sewer line.  

DrainJet Pro + System is the same as the Drain Jet PRO System, with the added element of HOT water.  The HOT water helps emulsify the grease deposited in the pipes and reduces build up, thus reducing the potential for clogs. With clients like Home Depot using our automatic sewer jetter, you can be rest assured that this product has real value in the plumbing automation that it can bring to your locations.


Drain Soda may be the solution that you are looking for to solve your soda line clogging problems. The patented automatic line jetting system blasts water through the lines at up to 125 PSI and is able to rid the buildup that is so common with these machines. With the option to include hot water elements to break down clogs, you can be sure that Drainjets will work for you. Automatic Drain Unclogs have never been cooler!

Jennifer W.

“When Ray described to us that Drain jets would help our store get rid of our clogging problem, I didn’t believe him. 4 years later, and we haven’t even had one!!! Having it installed is one of the best decisions we have made! Thanks again, Ray!”

Cora W.

“Drain jet helped us very much . We had to flush our drains weekly by hand at the restaurant and are so blessed to have Drainjets installed. We will have this installed in out other location as well. Thank you Drainjets!”

Adam L.

“We have a coffee shop chain downtown that gets clogs all the time. We decided to test it in three locations and saw great results. Would highly recommend this for anyone who always has their plumber on speed dial.”

Alicia C.

The one reason that we got the Drain jet pro system installed is because of the constant food that gets stuck in our drains. Mr. Salzer gave us relief when we needed it and we will definitely be using his services in the future.”

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Permanent Commercial Drain Clog Solutions

If your drain constantly clogs from debris than you have found the solution. Drainjet Systems by Salzer Products provides a commercial plumber robot that can solve constant clogs. It can solve bellied lines without having to replace or tearing up the foundation with the power of water. Drainjet Systems is great for removing commercial waste line clogs and we have multiple options available depending on your usage. Commercial plumbing clogs can now be put in your rear-view mirror and you can worry about the growth opportunities in front of you!

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